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Attendance Policy

Policy Statement

Future Connect Training is committed to providing high-quality training and education to the participant success. For achieving this, we must maximise participants’ learning opportunities by;

  • Setting up high expectations for attendance and punctuality at all timetabled sessions
  • Working with participants in partnership and, where applicable, their employers, to ensure good attendance and punctuality, embedding a culture of commitment and reliability
  • Monitoring and taking action to improve readiness and attendance where necessary.

Summary of Future Connect Training Expectations of Punctuality and Attendance

  • The Future Connect Training expects 100% attendance and punctuality at all timetabled sessions. It includes roleplays and, tutorials etc.
  • The presence of all participants will be reviewed after the 3rd day (for our one week course) of the week and the 1st Friday for our 2 weeks’ courses. If any participant who has not achieved at least 90% of attendance, and unable to provide a full justification, can be withdrawn from the Future Connect Training.
  • The attendance will be regularly monitored throughout participants’ time at Future Connect Training. The failure to maintain good attendance will deal with through the Future Connect Training disciplinary procedure.
  • The participants are expected to give a good reason, backed up with evidence, for all absences.
  • The participants are expected to provide a reasonable justification for arriving late. The teaching staff have the right to reject the admission to the class for a late participant. The regulations that apply to different areas of the Future Connect Training on lateness will give to participants during induction.
  • the participant should notify the Future Connect Training via the designated person. The appropriate evidence should provide to the designated person for the absence to classed as authorised.
  • For unexpected absences, such as illness, the participant must contact the Future Connect Training to notify the nominated person of their absence as early as possible on the 1st day of absence and every following day unless they are signed off by a doctor for a given period. The contact should notify the designated person.
  • While the return to Future Connect Training after the absence, participants should provide proof for their absence before authorised absence will be in registers.
  • The non-attendance is part of the Future Connect Training’s discipline procedure, and it would result in a last written warning.

Staff Responsibilities

All staff are responsible for the regularity and punctuality of their participants and to meet with attendance and punctuality problems whenever they raised. There are some critical responsibilities deal with staff;
The trainers and lecturers or those taking class registers are responsible for:

  • Accurately on the completion of the record on the day of attendance.
  • nothing will be registered in the case of absentees
  • the participant when they next meet following you absentees.
  • Reporting any existing issues with participants to the Academic Officer
  • Promoting good punctuality and attendance through their teaching standards and behaviour.
  • The Academic Officer is responsible for:

  • selecting a member of staff to carry out the instant follow-up to an absence and recording of reasons for lateness and absentees.
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality problems at team meetings and taking early action to resolve these problems.
  • By ensuring that registers are marked accurately and promptly and following up on any unmarked records with individuals in the team
  • Providing that, in the case of a staff member is absent, the register is taken or reallocated on the timetable in instances of long-term absence
  • Guaranteeing significant changes to schedules are concerned to Academic Officer

The selected Member of Staff is responsible for:
They should make initial contact with an absent participant to find out the reasons for the absence. Record the results of any conversations and relaying this information to the Director.

Implementation of the Plan - procedures of guidance and staff

  • For the Future Connect Training to monitor and improve punctuality and attendance, it is crucial that the registers of attendance are on time. Staff members are responsible for the session that must complete the log marking of all classes by midday on the day.
  • The registers are audit-able documents and must be maintained in a timely and accurate manner. It is clear that member of staff continuously fails to mark registers late, they may be subject to disciplinary action. Where entries remain outstanding after five days, the presumption can be for disciplinary action. In the case of a staff member is ill, the Academic Officer is paid his or her responsibility or arranging cover and ensuring that the register must be complete.
  • The participants are generally expected to make medical in time. If a participant knows in advance that they are unable to attend a class, they must report the absence to the Future Connect Training administration, and provide proof of the deficiency to the responsible person before leaving, in this case, the absentees can be noticed and keep a record of these absentees in the register.
  • The number of absences taken by the class holder. Justifications repeated.
  • justification is backed up by evidence
  • The Future Connect Training will confirm that student absence is concerned to the office as soon as an international individual holding a participant visa is absent from the Future Connect Training for ten constant principal persons.
  • Staff writing academic staff may present to keep the record of attendance for its participants. If participants fail to respond to warnings by their teachers they may withdraw according to the policies.
  • If an international participant is holding a student visa which removed from a course, they will be asked to went from the United Kingdom as the dismissal from the Future Connect Training.
  • A written report on attendance is required.
  • Examples of reasons for absence might include:

  • Religious holiday
  • Medical appointments that cannot be made outside of timetabled hours
  • Driving test
  • Attendance at a funeral
  • If you have any of the following reasons, your absence cannot be authorized.
  • Babysitting
  • Holidays
  • Driving lessons
  • Leisure activities
  • Birthdays
  • part time or full time work
  • Shopping
  • If the nominated member of staff judges absence to be legitimate, they should change the absent mark to the authorised absence in the records.
  • The teacher will responsible for keeping the album will mark the absent of participant
  • Where no reason for the absence in advance, the staff participants selected to follow up absentees should contact the participant to ascertain the cause for the lack as soon as possible. Where possible the person should be asked to attend unless there is a solid reason for absentees. The member of staff should keep record any discussions, information, ideas and ensure this is communicated to another team as required.
  • On the first day back at Future Connect Training, the participant is demanded to give proof to support the absence of the selected person. Evidence of the absence may be in the form of application or a medical certificate in the case of absences of 5 more days.
  • When the member of staff who highlight the participant absent they should ask for detail for the missing, draw the participant’s attention to the attendance policy.
  • Director must be advised to keep records of participants in their separate file.
  • If the level of non-attendance is to be unacceptable, then the Future Connect Training disciplinary rules should be used to deal with the problem. Our policy states that we expect 100% attendance, anything below this unless by prior agreement or with the solid reason, is not acceptable. It would be appropriate to use the disciplinary plan when problems become apparent, rather than leave the questions to grow day by day without formally tackling them.

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