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Complaint Policy

Definition of complaint?

“A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction by a participant or a member of the public, about the conduct, standard of service or training, actions or lack of action by Future Connect Training and recruitment, its staff or one of its contractors.”


At Future Connect Training and Recruitment, we are committed to providing high-quality services for all our participants, taking account of users’ views, and using the findings to promote and develop the capacity for sustainable improvement. This document details the complaints procedure. A complainant may be a participant, prospective participant, employer, or any other interested party that indicates dissatisfaction with the current level of service.

2. Responsibility

The processes of complaints are a 3 stage process as stated in section 10 below.

  • 2.1 - All responsibility for this procedure lies with the Director of the Future Connect Training.
  • 2.2 - Day-to-day responsibility for implementation of this procedure lies with the Admission Officer.
  • 2.3 - All staff members have a responsibility to try to resolve informal complaints before invoking the Complaints Procedure.
  • 2.4 - All staff members should forward formal charges to the Director.

3. How to make a formal complaint

You can make a formal complaint in the following ways:

  • 3.1 - By telephone.
  • 3.2 - By Email – info@fctraining.org
  • 3.3 - by completing the Complaints Form available from the Future Connect Training Website and Reception.

4. Policy

Future Connect Training and Recruitment:

  • 4.1 investigate your complaint thoroughly and objectively and will be regularly monitored by the Director.
  • 4.2 Aims to resolve your complaint within ten working days – however some complaints, especially if the issue is more difficult to solve, may take longer.
  • 4.3 Will contact you to advise you if the investigation is likely to take more than ten working days and keep you informed of our progress by your preferred method of communication.
  • 4.4 Will identify actions from complaints received to improve and develop our services.

5. Procedure

  • 5.1 - If a participant has a concern, it should initially be raised with their lecturer, or an alternate member of staff if that is not appropriate. The member of the team must take every opportunity to resolve the complaint informally. (with the assistance of a member of staff if required) And sent to the Director. If the claim is communicated by telephone or email the member of the team record the details on behalf of the complainant and submit it to the Director.
  • 5.2 - If you are a participant who would like to highlight an informal concern, you can do so with your Course Tutor.
  • 5.3 - External complainants can contact the Future Connect Training Director.
  • 5.4 - We will ask you for Equality and Diversity Information for example Gender and Ethnicity, providing these details helps us to make sure that all people treated fairly.
  • 5.5 - If you are completing a Complaints, Form it should be supplemented with as much detail as possible but most importantly your full name, date of birth and contact details. If you are completing the form on behalf of the complainant, please also include your details. Future Connect Training staff may contact you when required for further information or to provide you with an update.
  • 5.6 - Future Connect Training Staff must send complaints to the Director to record on the Complaints System.
  • 5.7 - On receipt of a formal complaint by the Director, a member of staff will be allocated within two working days of receipt. The nominated member of the team will then liaise with the Director to investigate the issues that you have raised. They will be provided with details so that they have all the information required to undertake the investigation.
  • 5.7 - Following the inquiry, our decision will be communicated to the complainant, by your preferred method of contact.
  • 5.8 - The Director will matter your complaint and try to solve these problems. You will advise wherever possible of an approximate timescale for a resolution dependant on the complexity of the issues raised.
  • 5.9 - The proof is available for the investigation.
  • 5.10 - Please note that all complaints will be looked into and investigated but this could be limited for anonymous complaints, depending on the amount of information provided or available.
  • 5.11 - Participants should be aware that malicious complaints received in any form will result in disciplinary action (i.e. claims that are not true, use of foul language in any communication that you send to staff).
  • 5.12 - All complainants should be aware that our teams have the right to work in a pleasant and safe environment and any violent or abusive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated.
  • 5.13 - A Complaints Analysis will be produced, and reports will be submitted to the Director on a regular basis concerning the nature of the complaints received for improvement purposes.

6.Complaints Procedure Stages

6.1 - Stage 1 – Informal
  • If you have an issue with any persons or procedures relating to the Future Connect Training, please discuss the same with the appropriate person verbally outlining the nature of your concern and trying to resolve it informally. At this stage, or other suitable means applicable to the claim arose. At this stage, the complaint needs to be addressed very quickly or within a max of 5 working days.
  • Future Connect Training , however encourages that all claims are in writing for record purposes via The Complaints Form.
6.2 - Stage 2 – Formal
  • If your complaint cannot be solved, please notify the participant Welfare Officer
  • within five days. Following the meeting, we will write to you with the outcome and the proposed action to be taken.
  • At this stage, we would require the complaint with any supporting evidence to be in writing.
  • We will hope to produce a response within five working days of the meeting:however, this could take up to a maximum of 10 days in the event meeting outcomes need to be considered. After which we will inform you of the consequences.
6.3 - Stage 3 – Final Stage
  • If you are not happy about the response at step 2 to your complaint, you may appeal the decision to the final committee which will also consist of an independent adjudicator. It can be a solicitor, and all parties are expected to abide by the independent adjudication process.
  • You may be accompanied by someone at this stage and evidence from stage 2 will be reconsidered.
  • At this stage, the complaint will need to be submitted in writing, if not previously submitted in writing.
  • You will be notified of the outcome in writing within 15 working days. The decision at this stage will be final. At the end of the complaint process, all records of complaints will be in writing in a safe place to ensure confidentiality and a clear audit trail.

7. Complaints Appeal Process

  • 7.1 - If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you may appeal against the decision within ten working days of our response.
  • 7.2 - The appeal will be investigated by a manager independent of the original complaint and the above timescales will apply. If you have exhausted our complaint policy and remain unsatisfied with the outcome, you can make a complaint to BAC using this link below:

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