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Quality Assurance Policy

Health & Safety

Future Connect Training and Recruitment complies with the Safety & Health at Work laws; any incidents are to be reported and recorded by the Safety and Health Manager of Future Connect Training. Future Connect Training and Recruitment has a responsibility to protect participants’ health, safety and wellbeing while they are studying. We take the security of participants and their belonging at Future Connect Training very seriously.
Our Manager of Health and Safety ensures the learning environment is safe and First Aiders are available to deal with any incidents.

Equality & Diversity

The participants reflect the population at large & include people with a variety of faiths, beliefs, ethnicities, abilities, sexual & gender orientations.


Future Connect Training and Recruitment takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard all participants during their time as a participant with us. All the staff is trained to deal with safeguarding professionally and sensitively.
The Health and Safety Manager, provide support on any personal and domestic difficulties which may prevent participants from continuing and progressing.

Bullying and Harassment

Respect and inclusion are fundamental values of Future Connect Training and Recruitment. Future Connect Training will not tolerate harassment, bullying, or victimisation and will ensure that every participant/delegate has the right not to be bullied or harassed and has the right to complain without victimisation.

Under Future Connect Training’s Equality & Diversity Policy participants have the right to:
Learn & Achieve Be treated fairly in all aspects of their learning at the Future Connect Training

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