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Refund Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • All fees due to the Future Connect Training paid in full before commencement of course.
  • Course fees do not include accommodations, awarding body registration fee, school programms, personal and health insurance, bank charges on course materials, i.e. books, photocopies, papers and pencils.
  • No payments refundable will be made for any course once the students get the Visa for the UK regardless of their travel.
    The percentage of any fees paid to the Future Connect Training will be refunded to the participant or any other person authorised by the participant after deducting10% of the full as the administration charge in the case participant UK Visa is refused. Participant must pay any bank charges.
  • Future Connect Training will refund any fees paid to the Future Connect Training after deducting the administration charge (which is 10% of the taxes paid). Participants will have to pay bank charges which are refundable.
  • If the participant enters the UK no refund will be made; it will be essential for the learners to attend classes for which he or she got Visa.
  • The Participant must request in writing to the Admission Officer stating the reason for refusal with documentary evidence in support of his / her application (e.g. in case of Visa Refusal, original visa refusal letter must attach to the refund request).
  • All refunds are completed within four weeks of receiving the refund request.
  • If the British High Commission rejects an application for the student visa because of some fault of the participant the participant will not be eligible for a refund of fees paid.
  • In the event of a student visa being granted by deception, for example, because of presenting false documentation to the Future Connect Training, the participant forfeits a right to refund for fees paid and may be excluded from the Future Connect Training.
  • Any request for a change in course or deferral will be at the th0e discretion of the Future Connect Training.
  • If the Future Connect Training’s licence has been suspended or revoked and the participant has issued with a visa no refund will give.
  • Future Connect Training Management may change the Course Fees without prior notification.
  • If Future Connect Training cancels a course a full refund will become due; refunds should be in writing (less 10% of the total fees paid an administration charge).

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