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Vision Mission


Future Connect Training is committed to the intellectual, personal and professional growth of its participants and staff. The goal of the business training is to inspire a lifelong passion for learning and to empower a diverse population of learners to succeed as citizens of a challenging world. Toward this goal, and to enhance the quality of life all over the world, the business training is dedicated to excellence in teaching, cultural enrichment and service.


Future Connect Training aspires to be an academic and training leader recognised for quality and innovation in learning and teaching, international standing in strategic training areas, and commitment to outreach and service to the world.


Future Connect Training values the following as central to our success:

  • Student / Participant-Centred: At Future Connect Training we are committed to education, inquiry and service to meet students’ / participants’ needs. We foster lifelong learning, social and civic responsibility, leadership, and individual and career growth.

  • Learning-Centred: We nurture intellectual flexibility, knowledge and skills by integrating teaching, assessment and learning to promote continuous improvement of our scholarly community.

  • Excellence: We pursue excellence within the training centre community through opportunities for achievement in teaching, creative activity and service.

  • Diversity: At Future Connect Training we embrace diversity in all of its dimensions realising that mutual respect for individuality and the inclusion of all are crucial for both personal and institutional success.
  • Service: We support and recognise service at all levels of the training centre. We strive to contribute to the benefit of the training centre, the nation and the world.

  • Integrity: We hold high standards of integrity and character as the foundations upon which the Future Connect Training Training is built.

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